NEWS: The Costa Concordia has run aground near the island Isola del Gigli' of the coast of Italy.

With five restaurants, the Costa Concordia is sure to please every passenger in the menus for every meal. The two main dining rooms on this ship are the Ristorante Roma and the Ristorante Milano and both are quite spacious, able to seat 700 passengers. In this way all of the passengers could dine at the same time, if need be. There is assigned seating for the two sittings for the evening meal.

Club Concordia is the venue to choose if you want to have a special meal. The specialty of this restaurant is Italian, but the atmosphere is not as romantic as you may like if you want an intimate dinner for two because it does overlook the buffet deck. There is no cover charge for dining at this venue and there are two menus to choose from, each of which will provide you with a mouth-watering meal.

Casual and laid back is the atmosphere of the Buffet Parigi, which features buffet for all three meals of the day. It is like a cafeteria with tables set up by the sides of the pools. If you want to have coffee as soon as you wake in the morning, you can get it here at 6:30 a.m. and for those who like to have something to eat before going to bed, they can get self-service in this location late at night. The Lido Mediterraneo side of the buffet is also open until 11 p.m.

The Samsura Restaurant, while it is free for those in the Samsura Suites, is open to all passengers looking for healthy and light cuisine. However, there is a charge for the meals in this venue for those in standard cabins and suites.

Located in the center of the Costa Concordia you will find the Cafeteria Helsinki. This is more of a coffee bar than a cafeteria where you can buy a coffee or tea as well as a variety of cakes, pies and pastries. As a rule, the main dining rooms only serve coffee and tea for the breakfast meal. These beverages are available in most of the bars and are complimentary at the Buffet Parigi.

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