NEWS: The Costa Concordia has run aground near the island Isola del Gigli' of the coast of Italy.

With fifteen bars and lounges and the Atene Theater, entertainment is available almost round the clock for the passengers on the Costa Concordia. Dancing is a very popular activity and with so many venues featuring a dance floor, you can step out to many different genres of music. On any given night, there are about twelve bands and musicians performing live in the different venues and there are Latin dance classes offered in the pool area during the days at sea.

There is entertainment to suit all tastes and interests. The Atene Theater is the location of large scale performances and all seats offer a clear view of the stage. Take in a Broadway type show, a piano recital or an orchestral performance by renowned musicians as well as comedy acts that will have the tears rolling down your cheeks.

You can relax and unwind in any of the bars and lounges during the night or the day. The Bar Scuderia Costa is the best place from which you can enjoy the panoramic views as you chat with your friends over a drink from the bar. Meet up with your friends for pre-dinner drinks or plan to get together after the evening meal at the Bar Europa. The Stockholm Sports Bar is likely the only bar on the ship where you will want to be when there is a game being broadcast on the large screen TV’s.

Once you book a cruise on the Costa Concordia, you should be prepared to party from daylight til dark and beyond. Dance with Lady Luck in the casino, which has a fine selection of tables and slot machines. Enjoy the soft listening music in some of the bars and lounges or the loud disco and flashing lights in others.
Interactive games shows in the Grand Bar Berlino are sure to be loads of fun and help you get to know your fellow passengers. There are also themed nights on the Costa Concordia, some of which have an adult orientation, such as Sexy Night.

The choice of entertainment is up to you and you can indulge as much or as little as you please.

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