The facilities on the Costa Pacifica are world class in every respect. This ship boasts a spa – oriented cruising experience which means that everything is geared to relaxation and wellness. Of course, you are free to choose whatever activities you want and you don’t even need to go to the spa if this is not your style.

Try out the Grand Prix Driving Simulator where you can choose from a variety of course options and automatic and manual controls. The state of the art recording studio allows you to book your own one-hour recording session and the talented technicians will mix and edit your very own CD to take home with you. What an excellent souvenir to have of your cruise on the Costa Pacifica!

Enjoy the four pools on the ship, one of which is for the exclusive use of children onboard. Two of these are all-weather pools with retractable roofs. Even though you can have Playstation on demand in your cabin, there is also a room dedicated to these games. This is where most of the teenagers on the cruise will congregate as they try out the wide variety of games available. In the Calypso pool area there are also Playstation centers and large screen TV’s featuring a variety of movies and different programs. The Spuak Club is the children’s program on this ship where children can play under the watchful eyes of the staff as the parents go off to do their own thing.
There is plenty of space to curl up in one of the lounge chairs on the deck with a good book or just relax and soak up the rays of the sun.

One of the unique facilities offered on the Costa Pacifica is the opportunity to escape the line ups for shore excursions by using the machines that link your credit card to your account. These are very similar to ATM’s and are simple to use.

With the many bars and lounges on this ship, you don’t have to take the stairs to get between the decks. There are four elevators for your use, which does come in handy late at night after you may have indulged a little too much.

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