Fitness on the Celebrity Solstice begins in the state of the art Fitness Center. The equipment includes lifecycles, treadmills, stair-climbers, weight machines and rowing machines. You can come in and workout on your own to continue your usual fitness routine or you can sign up for classes. There are a wide variety of classes offered, everything from yoga and spinning to resistance training and aerobics. The Fitness Center features the Kinesis Wall, a whole body exercise program that uses a cable and pulley system to exercise the entire body. If you want to get your exercise in the outdoors with the sea air and the sunshine, head to the jogging track on the Lido Deck. Eight times around the track equals a mile.

The Sports Pool or the indoor Lap Pool are the perfect places to do laps and the other pools allow the opportunity for aquatic aerobics and stretching exercises. The hot tubs are the perfect place to go after a hearty workout to relax your muscles and work out the kinks. If you have tightened up, head to the spa for a massage or a relaxing steam shower.

The Lawn Club on Deck 15 is a half acre of real grass. This is a great place to practice your putt or to indulge in a game of bocce or croquet. If you are in the mood to sink a couple of baskets there is a basketball court and what kind of a cruise ship would this be if you couldn’t play shuffleboard.

For a fun away to get your exercise take one of the dance classes. You can get a great workout and learn to line dance or do the tango. This is a huge ship and you can get a lot of exercise just walking around and finding out where everything is. One deck in particular, the Promenade is the perfect place to talk a walk out on the deck.

If you are feeling that you have eaten more than you should and you want to be sure you haven’t blown your fitness routine you can always skip the elevator and take the stairs, you are guaranteed a great work out.

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