Started in 1965 Princess has gone from strength to strength with around 1.5 million passengers every year Princes caters for everyone. It is the third largest cruise line in the world and has 17 dazzling ships.

If you have vacation pictures onboard any of the Princess ships, ports you have visited or would like to review the ships then please get in touch as we really like hearing not just the good points but also the things that went wrong on your cruise vacation.
Ships Reviews Stars
Caribbean Princess 2 starstarstarhalf starhalf star
Coral Princess 1 starstarstarstarstar
Crown Princess 2 starstarstarstarhalf star
Dawn Princess N/A N/A
Diamond Princess 3 starstarstarhalf starhalf star
Emerald Princess N/A N/A
Golden Princess 1 starstarstarstarstar
Grand Princess N/A N/A
Island Princess N/A N/A
Ocean Princess N/A N/A
Pacific Princess N/A N/A
Royal Princess N/A N/A
Ruby Princess 1 starstarstarstarstar
Sapphire Princess 1 starstarstarhalf starhalf star
Sea Princess N/A N/A
Star Princess N/A N/A
Sun Princess N/A N/A

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We set sail on the Golden Princess this past September, leaving from Seattle, Washington. We had been anticipating this cruise for months, checking the average weather for that time of year months in advance. Unfortunately, for the t.... Read More

We are not rookies to cruises by any means, as we have traveled with Carnival in the past. This time though, we decided to try something different due to a recommendation from our travel agent, and took on an Alaska cruise on the Prin.... Read More

The Mediterranean Cruise starstarstarstarhalf star by Rose on 05/10/2012

This trip was different to me as I traveled with mother-in-law. I like the sail planning of Princess that it divided the entire journey from Rome to Venice in two segments of six days. It liked the 2 sea-days where I had a chance to ex.... Read More

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