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My stop in George Town, Grand Cayman was an experience that I wouldn%u2019t have missed for the world, but it is like every other port on the Western Caribbean cruise. There are numerous tourist shops where you can save the taxes on your purchases of jewelry and liquor, but you have to realize that you are only allowed to have a certain amount of alcoholic beverages in your possession, unless you plan to drink all that you buy. George Town is one of the most popular destinations on this cruise, which just about all cruise lines offer. Therefore you can expect to battle crowds in the retail center. If you are like me and not fond of crowded places, then you will probably want to enjoy a few of the spots that are off the beaten track. Enjoying the beach means exactly that for me %u2013 enjoyment and relaxation. I chose the option of hiring a cab to take me to the less crowded Rum Point. There are benches, huts and hammocks here as well as a great bar and grill and the drive here only took about 45 minutes. I enjoy shopping but I prefer the less touristy destinations. The Galleria Plaza fit the bill with the stores selling designer clothes at fantastic discount prices. There are several restaurants and cafes if you want to have a healthy snack and feel the refreshment of the island culture soak through you.

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