review Review by Mary and Jim Kelly

Juneau was one of the memorable stops on our Alaskan cruise. We thoroughly enjoyed the compactness of the downtown core of the city where we could walk everywhere we needed to go for shopping and dining. One doesn't expect to find a bustling city in the North and this was what surprised us most about this city. We got an exceptional look at the history of the city through the 20 signs that are posted giving visitors information about how this area grew from an outpost to the capital of the state. Hiking is one of our passions and Juneau was able to offer us the best opportunities to get close to the outdoors. There are about 90 walking and hiking trails, so we were a bit disappointed that we couldn't stay longer to enjoy them all. For those who are not into walking there is a bus service that will take you around the city. Taxis are also available.

review Review by A. Green on ship Diamond Princess

It was a struggle to find shops owned by locals near the harbour but after venturing away from the main drag, the shops had signs in their windows showing they were owned by local people. Many of the passengers here wanted to see where Sarah Palin lives... The whale watching excursions here are pretty expensive. Look for local excursions that aren't owned by the cruise operator as they are better value.

review Review by Anne on ship Millennium

nice port, shame about the weather again it was pouring down. we went up to Mt. Roberts (27$ each to get up on a tram) the view was amazing!! We bought some nice Juneau jackets for a good price so that was nice!

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