review Review by Frances Stanford

Our cruise ship docked in Oranjestad as the stopover in Aruba. This is a city where tourism accounts for a large percentage of the local economy so it is really geared up for the benefit of tourists. It is very pedestrian friendly and since the cruise ship terminal is so close to the shopping center we didnt need to look for transportation. The weather was great %u2013 not a sprinkle of rain and the 82 degree temperature was just right. Many of our fellow cruisers rented bicycles for this short trip, but for those who are not into walking there are cabs available. The largest marina on the island of Aruba is adjacent to where our cruise ship docked. The sight of all the yachts from all over the world was spectacular and we took many photos to help refresh our memory once we returned home. This combined with the overwhelming beauty of the city was one of the highlights of the shore excursion to this island. We were very fortunate to be able to attend the Tivoli Lighting Parade on our visit and see the fantastic way in which the locals use lights of all kinds to illuminate their costumes.

review Review by Christine & John Howard on ship Braemar

We were due to go to Jamaica but due to medical emergency we had to go to Aruba instead for New Year. Lucky for us - what a night - fireworks everywhere all day.

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