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Roatan was the next stop on my Western Caribbean cruise and what a delightful stop it was. This is the quintessential Caribbean destination where you can really experience the emerging tourism economy. The majority of the buildings are a reflection of the past and I could really imagine what it was like living here in pirate times. Tourism is relatively new in Roatan so the atmosphere and the land is basically untouched. There are no crowds to worry about and life is very casual. No traffic lights are needed because the traffic is not very heavy even in the retail section of Mahogany Bay. It is the site of part of the second largest barrier reef in the world which means you won%u2019t have any difficulty being able to get a look at the colorful marine life that exists here. Swimming alongside the dolphins and an array of fishes was one of the highlights of my stop. You can rent a car to get to see the countryside but you can just as easily flag down a bus to get to where you want to go. The cost is really cheap %u2013 most routes only cost one dollar.

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