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SHIP – I heard a number of people complaining about the state of the ship and that they wouldn’t be returning. One guy’s shower door fell on him the first time he took a shower.

EXCURSIONS – we went on the Cayo Levantado and Catamaran Sail excursion. Are you aware that the owners of the catamaran take you to “their” own dock for 30 minutes or so, so you feel obligated to buy “their” stuff after they feed you some free fruit??!! Also, they took 40 minutes out to stop across from the beach to let people snorkel! So instead of the 2 hours we were supposed to get spending on the beach, we got a ½ hour!!! NOT what we signed up for!rnrn

CABINS – our bathroom smelled like mold so bad! The first time we went in there I told the steward about it and she went in and sprayed some Febreeze and Lysol. We had the smell the whole time because nothing helped. The smell is in the shower and you won’t get it out unless you use some serious bleach. Our safe broke and we had to get that fixed. Also, you could hear all the noise above our cabin! Very LOUD! We were on deck 11 under the pool area. We could hear people dragging chairs and dropping stuff! I don’t know what but there were some very loud bangs coming through the ceiling. And the kids! There would be kids running around up there all hours of the night! There should be some rules about parents and disciplining their children! They were also running through the halls!rnrn

CASINO – We thought the casino was pretty lame! The place was dead most of the time except Friday night. We both love Texas Hold’em and they would only have 1 table at night and even though one night they had about 8 more people that wanted to play, they would not open another table. It’s not like they didn’t have the tables or the staff! Ridiculous! Also, we would play for hours and they rake every pot but you don’t get free drinks! They did give 1 free round after about 4 hours into the game.rnrnART – I had never been to an auction before so I thought I’d try it. Never again! They said if we signed up for a credit card with Park West we would get to choose a free print we wanted. What they really mean is you can have the print but you have to pay the shipping and you have to pay for them to frame it! LIES!rnrn

FOOD – The food was fine for our needs. We ate at the free Garden Café most of the time. It is crazy packed and people are pushy and it is hard to find a seat. And there was just the 2 of us. People go all over in the lines and the wrong way and it’s VERY loud. A little more variety every day would have been nice though. The last morning they finally changed the hash browns to the little fried wafer kind that I love, at least I got them 1 day. We love Panini’s but they wouldn’t customize them. They just made one kind a day. Salsa was great for 10 bucks a person. We did Cagney’s the first night because the hubby wanted a steak, very good. We liked the Venetian too because it was quieter.rnrn

ENTERTAINMENT – we loved Dave Heenan the comedian. Thought the magician was cheesy. He was trying to sell stuff at the end of the show. Cheesy! The acrobatics were good in Bollywood. rnrn

DRINKS – there is subtle harassment going on the whole time! Believe me, if I want a drink I will flag someone down. Drinks are very expensive too. Oh, and if you just want ice water you get the look or slow service. If you just want to sit in the pub and have some popcorn and ice water, you get the look!rnrn

POOL – ridiculously small! And the kids were taking over. I thought the rules said no kids because they have their own area but they were in there and no one said anything.rnrn

KIDS – if you don’t like to hear or see kids on your cruise, stay away! They were running through the halls and running around above our head on deck 11! What is with parents who just let their kids run around all hours of the night?! I don’t get it.rnrn

BINGO – What a rip off! We went once and there was probably close to 100 people in there. Times that by $20-30 each and what do you get? They had 2 winners, the 1st paid out about $105 and the 2nd paid out about $190. What do they do with the rest of the money?! When we go camping all the money goes in the pot and is paid out; they don’t keep your money! Never again! THIEF’S!

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I would not reccomend this cruise to others.

I think this cruise is suitable for Young Families.

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