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We are regular cruisers and our previous cruises on all ships, particularly Royal Carribean have been outstanding.
We had booked this Cunard cruise from New York because of the itinerary, their reputation and our highlight- to sail pass the Statue of Liberty.

Our experience was the total opposite;
* changed our itinerary from Grand Turk to St Maarten, extremely disappointed
* we did NOT sail past the Statue of Liberty yet they had pictures up showing that you did???!!! False advertising. Cunard have sailed past the Statue of Liberty before as my parents did a few years back but they have changed dock (cost cutting).
* We docked extremely late at all ports of call, often queing for over an hour and getting off at midday when half of your day has gone, never had that before on any other ships
* we were the last to dock and the first out when other cruise ships were there. Further the next day, those cruise ships arrived first??!! Cost cutting yet again
* many ports were tendered or docked in a different port so if you wanted to go to the main area, you had to travel whereas other cruise ships had docked right there
* Dirty cutlery, my partner had to eat cereal with a teaspoon as no spoons came out over breakfast at all!
* Shut the eating areas with no prior warning. I had my meal and my partner went to get his and it was shut so he had to eat elsewhere! This happened on a number of occasions with other passengers
* The staff were extremely rude and abrupt, we had to wait 40 minutes for a salad in the restaurant. The waiting times for our meals were ridicolous
* one passenger we spoke to said he got 'tutted' at because he asked where his main course was after they waited an hour!
* no drinks you requested for 6 nights!
* we booked a trip for new york on the last day as our flight was in the evening and we could not store our luggage, and we specifically asked where the tour went to as we had already done manhattan. She said itdoes not go to midtown at all and only tours lower manhattan. We got on the coach and ended up doing all midtown and upper manhattan. We paid $230 for this- false information just to sell the tour.

* we may not be the 'typical' Cunard customers but we enjoy cruising and know what good service is. This was unbelieveable. Cunard are relying on their 'status' but they need to be careful as many guests we spoke to who cruise with Cunard regularly were extremely disappointed with it, one lady saying she was embarassed she recommended it as it has gone 'downhill'.
They did a lot of cost cutting on this cruise and they say it is because they are an ocean liner so they cant dock etc. However, my parent went on the same cruise a few years ago and they had a totally different experience.

We will not be recommending this cruise line, and have received much better service, cleanliness and overall excelllent holidays on other cruise lines.

positives of cruise Positives of Cruise
one positive were the cabins and their cleanliness!

negative of cruise Negatives of Cruise

I would not reccomend this cruise to others.

I think this cruise is suitable for Couples.

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Country: Lancashire
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Sail Date: 05/Dec/2010

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