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As an experienced cruise, I have heard a great deal of hype surrounding the Cunard Cruise Lines Queen Mary 2. Due to all of the hype, I figured it was about time that we decided to sail on her to see what she had to offer.

Unfortunately, we were very disappointed with what we found on this Cunard Cruise Lines experience, as the Queen Mary 2 is definitely a lot of hype and not much in terms of actual delivery of a great vacation.

positives of cruise Positives of Cruise
One of the only positives was that the butler service was definitely up to par, as we were given great attention to detail. As an experienced cruiser though, this is not what we expected from Cunard, as they have too good of a reputation to present us with this rubbish.

negative of cruise Negatives of Cruise
First and foremost, we stayed in the Queens Grill suite, and were completely disappointed with the facilities. We were supposed to receive flowers, which did not happen when we got onboard.

The dining experience was also a disaster, we were sat at tables for 2, but the tables were so jammed together that you could literally rest your arm on the table next to you.

The food preparation was also very suspect, as we were served cold beef one night in which we decided to order beef Wellington, not what you would expect from a cruise ship with so much hype surrounding it.

The rest of the food was also horrible, as the lobster was not even satisfying in the least bit, cooked miserably.

The entertainment is very suspect, as some of the main drawing points, such as the planetarium, are not even functioning.

There were some decent bars, including the Queens Lounge, but overall all that was there to play was bingo, shuffleboard, and some time in the spa. There really was not much to keep you interested throughout the week.

I would not reccomend this cruise to others.

I think this cruise is suitable for Seniors.

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Date of Birth: 01/Jul/1958
Country: London, England
Sail Date: 01/Sep/2012

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