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The first half of the cruise was good. Good cabin,food, service.
The second half very disappointing with missed ports of call, 3 extra days at sea and an outbreak of Norovirus ( not the first on that ship either)

The disembarking and the journey back to the UK was a shameful neglect by Cunard of hundreds of passengers. Passengers who included disabled and many elderly were made to fetch and carry their own luggage on and off two different coaches which drove us from Trieste ( not a planned stop) to Venice( planned stop but we never got to see anything except the airport) after 7 hours another coaches (luggage off and on) to Verona airport. Another long wait with most passengers standing in a check in area with only a few seats. We were given no food or drink until, 12 hours after we had our breakfast, some of the passengers were given a white paper bag with a small bottle of water and the most awful bun with cheese( inedible) but not enough for everyone.

Arrival in Uk was 15 hours after disembarkation, by this time we had missed our connecting flights and we had to sleep on the check in floor at Terminal 5 check in area. The we had to wait until 3pm the next day for a flight to Glasgow. Cunard abandoned us. We paid them for White Star service to he UK - they neglected us.

positives of cruise Positives of Cruise
Dubrovnivk, Cairo, Corfu

We were supposed to stop at Venice and Olympia - but saw neither.
We had extra days at sea when it was too cold to use outside facilities.
Stuck inside too long - a bit boring - not enough to do on board. Awful shops

negative of cruise Negatives of Cruise
Attention to detail.

More information to passengers about Norovirus and its effect on the quality of service, facilities especially the service in the dining halls.

For example we did not have any salt, sugar milk etc on the table we had to get the stewards attention every time we wanted anything- this often meant, tea, coffee, and food was cold. Also they kept the gaming machines going and they continued to sell beer and alcohol in the pub but now food in case this would spread the virus but surely if the virus can be spread this way - then it can on the drink glasses as well? However, everything that made money was available.

I would not reccomend this cruise to others.

I think this cruise is suitable for Seniors.

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Country: Glasgow Scotland
Sail Date: 08/Nov/2011

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