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After our first cruise last year with a different cruise company we were eager to book again and Fred Olsen's Boudicca had the cruise we were looking for at the time we wanted. Unfortunately this experience was not one we would want to repeat. The cabins are small with no fridge so not even a cold glass of water was available, the bed head rattled against the wall, the light switch is immediately behind your head so regularly in the night I rolled over and the big light came on. The staff are not sufficiently trained and health and safety is non existent. We saw a barman open a can of coconut milk with an 8 inch carving knife and urns of boiling water left unattended emptying into a sink. We waited 25 mins for a glass of wine in the restaurant by which time I had finished the dinner which had been 'thrown' at me. The first week the staff appeared preasured and hurried by week 2 we were waiting unacceptable lengths of time between courses. The bar staff were inefficient and just didn't listen to requests. The lunch buffet was set out in such a way that it was a scrum to get any food and bread and butter pudding was the hot desert every day of the cruise. The cabin service menu consisted of a choice of 4 sandwhiches and nothing else. When I ordered 2 cheese sandwiches I got a call back to say they only had one left so could the other one be beef? With cheese on the menu at all meals I can not believe there was no cheese to make a sandwich but unfortunately this was the general attitude, the passengers needs were not paramount. We had an outbreak of gastroenteritis on board and measures were put in place but were inconsistant eg: the board games were removed but the jigsaws were left out for anyone to add a piece to. We will never travel with Fred Olsen again.

positives of cruise Positives of Cruise
The Trio in trhe bar were excellent ant the magician was very good.

negative of cruise Negatives of Cruise
The staff need much better training especially the bar staff

I would not reccomend this cruise to others.

I think this cruise is suitable for Seniors.

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Date of Birth: 01/Nov/1954
Sail Date: 06/Mar/2011

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