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We recently returned from our first cruise on the Costa Fortuna. Initially, we had our reservations after reading reviews left by others on various other websites and forums. We shouldn't have worried so much.

The Fortuna is a beautiful but very large and well-appointed ship. The staff worked hard to keep the decks, cabins and public areas well presented and clean. Our cabin was very spacious and cleaned by our lovely steward. Our waiters in the MichaelAngelo restaurant (Carlo and Emmanuel) are so warm and will do anything to make your voyage more comfortable.

The food itself was fantastic. The evening meal consisted of seven courses, none of which were particularly big so we left the restauirant will a feeling of being comfortably satiated. We didn't drink on the first few nights because it was so expensive, so we bought a drinks package. There was a wide selection of bottled beers and wines which were all nice.

Although there was a strict dress code for dining in the evening, there were also two 'formal' nights. There were other themed nights in the restaurant which made the atmosphere warmer and more comfortable than it had been. Everyone really seemed to enjoy themselves. Tea, coffee, sandwiches, cakes and iced water are plentiful throughout the day. The midnight buffet is good too. We were even allowed to take some food on to the main deck to look at the stars under our blanket.

We read some reviews, before we left for Venice, that claimed there was a 'shortage of loungers' and that announcements seemed to 'labour the point, being in 5 different languages'. We didn't find any of this a problem. The main area for 'lounger-hogs' were levels 9 and 10 (where most of the entertainment is located). There were many loungers on the other levels. As for the announcements being in different languages, it made the ship seem really international and friendly.

positives of cruise Positives of Cruise
The themed nights in the restaurants were enjoyable and we got chatting with so many interesting people.

None of the staff were too busy to help. There was a felling of genuine customer-centric service about the staff and each of their different personalities shone through their professionalism. Thank you to all the staff.

Not feeling pressured to take one of the organised cruises.

negative of cruise Negatives of Cruise
Embarkation seemed somewhat disorganised, taking almost three hours. Other than that, everything was on-target to make us a pair of happy sailors.

I would reccomend this cruise to others.

I think this cruise is suitable for Seniors.

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