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The cruise left from Vancouver which is a beautiful city with an equally beautiful port. There were three cruise ships in port on the day we set sail and embarkation was disorganised. Princess arranged transfers from the airport but the terminal was so overcrowded the buses could not get near. Passengers were over-warm and complaining to each other. We decided to walk 1/2 mile to get to the terminal after being on a crowded bus with no air conditioning on a scorcher of a day. And we still arrived before the bus.

Once we were at the terminal however, embarkation was smooth and efficient with long queues moving quickly. The staff were very friendly, which, when dealing with 3000 passengers arriving at once is not easy to do.

Boarding the ship was a breeze and our cabin was clean and spacious but the colours were faded and the fabric was slightly frayed. But otherwise the cabin was nicely appointed and clean.

We were over two hours late in leaving the terminal because it was so crowded but the staff done a marvellous job in checking everyone in over such a short time.


The ship is well designed to hold her 3000 passengers but the only time it ever felt overcrowded was during meals. The lines were always long and there were seldom tables at the Horizon Court buffet.


The crew on board the Princess are the diamond in her crown. They were fantastic. Very friendly, hard-working and enthusiastic, they were always patient with rude and obnoxious passengers.

The staff went the extra mile to impress us. One morning we were having breakfast in Sabatini's and I ordered pancakes but were told they were not served in that room. One waiter went to the main hall to get our pancakes even after I had accepted that I would have to eat something else. He was such a pleasant and caring man I feel terrible for not remembering his name.


On the whole, dining aboard the Princess leaves some room for deisre. We did have a nice meal here and there but overall it was lacking something special.

We really enjoyed dining in Sabatini's, especially for breakfast because their orange juice is freshly squeezed. Other restaurants serve juice from concentrate that is so diluted they would be as well serving water. It was like they were cutting corners and making all the food stretch as far as possible.


We loved the "movies under the stars" even though it was cold outside. The staff brought us popcorn and drinks and snacks once we were wrapped up warm under a blanket.

Other entertainment wasn't too great though. Pianist, dancing and singing were all average.


We took no excursions but we did go out on our own. Most of the arranged excursions seemed to cater to passengers who liked the idea of getting off the ship and going to a few local stores. We chose to immerse ourselves in the destination

positives of cruise Positives of Cruise
The crew were terrific, the ship itself was beautiful and well designed and the destinations were amazing. Movies under the stars were good too.

negative of cruise Negatives of Cruise
The food and entertainment could be better.

I would reccomend this cruise to others.

I think this cruise is suitable for Seniors.

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